06067 dental implants

06067 Dental Implants

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Implants in 06067

06067 dental implants
06067 dental implants

Our 06067 dental implants have so many benefits and are state-of-the-art when it comes to replacing missing teeth, but surprisingly there are only two basic components to them. It’s the ultimate in simplicity and yet the most realistic artificial tooth that you can get. At the office of Michael Gabor DMD and Gail Bodzioch DMD, you can look forward to skilled, experienced treatment in the placing of your new implant.

The two parts of our 06067 dental implants are the root and the cap. The root is represented by a titanium post that is surgically put into your jaw, after which your bone tissue grows around it. Eventually, over a few months, your bone will fuse with the post, making it as strong and dependable as a natural root is. There are other advantages to maintaining a root, something that you don’t get with traditional bridges and dentures. Your normal facial contours are preserved, and your gum and bone tissue will not atrophy. At that point, the next step in the process is to take impressions for the making of your cap (crown). It is fashioned of tooth-colored material to look as close to a real tooth as it imaginable. The cap is cemented to the post, and you then have a complete smile again. Simple, isn’t it? There are no messy adhesives to use, and your other teeth remain unaffected by the placement of our 06067 dental implants. You can speak, and chew even the toughest foods with total confidence. If you take good care of your implant, there is every reason to think it can last you a lifetime.

To get started with eliminating the empty space you have where a tooth used to be, all you have to do is contact our office right now and arrange a time to come in for a consultation and examination.

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