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Sleep apnea treatments in 06067

Do you feel tired in the morning? Does you spouse complain that you snore too loudly or that you’ve become irritable? If you have any of these complaints then you may have a sleep disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can occur when the airwaves are blocked during sleep by the tongue or soft tissue in the throat when the head is flat or tilted back. Breathing is actually very shallow or paused for several seconds or even minutes. This can happen up to 30 times an hour and interrupts your sleep, making you tired, irritable, or have trouble remembering and concentrating during the day. Fortunately, there are quite a few treatments available from 06067 sleep apnea doctors, Dr. Michael Gabor, DMD and Dr. Gail Bodzioch, DMD.

One of the simplest treatments is the custom developed dental appliances (oral appliance therapy) from our 06067 sleep apnea doctors. These small plastic dental appliances are worn during sleep to keep the tongue and soft tissues in the throat from blocking the flow of air in the airwaves. The dental appliances that our dentists prescribe are small, comfortable and non-invasive. They are a lot easier to use and more comfortable that the large air machines or surgical treatments that are also used for sleep apnea.

There is no way for our 06067 sleep apnea doctors to definitively diagnose sleep apnea short of an overnight stay at a sleep study lab or a home sleep study monitor. Our patients can’t tell that they have the disorder since it occurs while they are asleep. The patient’s family initiates most diagnoses of sleep apnea, especially those sleeping in the bed with the patient. The disorder affects spouses because the patient’s snoring or gasping for air often keeps them up. So if you have any sights of sleep apnea, or your spouse and children complain about your snoring give our office a call and we’ll help you get a good night’s sleep.

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