Rocky Hill extractions

Rocky Hill Extractions

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Dental extractions in Rocky Hill

Rocky Hill extractions
Rocky Hill extractions

Let’s be honest here, getting a tooth pulled isn’t exactly how the average person likes to spend part of their day. But sometimes it’s necessary—especially if you’re in a world of pain. If there’s a way to resolve this issue, why put yourself through it? Contact Michael Gabor and Gail Bodzioch about a Rocky Hill extractions.

You might be wondering what dental situations might call for an extraction. One of the most common reasons are when a tooth is impacted—a condition that stops the tooth from growing in normally. Another reason to get a dental extraction is to make room. Because adequate space makes way for teeth to align properly. Teeth that are badly damaged to the point beyond repair, they’ll be better off not being in your mouth. Of course, you should let the assessment of whether or not you need to get this procedure done be decided by a professional. After a thorough examination, dentists provide the final verdict. X-rays will be necessary to provide a structural visual of your smiles. Badly damaged teeth can sometimes be subject to exposed roots. Anesthesia might be necessary to numb the sensitivity. It’s common to experience swelling and pain after the extraction—so no need to worry, everything’s just fine. That discomfort is just part of the healing process. Make best friends with an ice pack to reduce swelling, and you should just be just fine. You’ll also want to be very careful with the wound after the first few days of surgery. Get used to eating soft, easy-to-chew foods and then firm meals up as the wound is less uncomfortable. Meet with Michael Gabor and Gail Bodzioch soon. And be well on the way to Rocky Hill extractions.

Contact Michael Gabor and Gail Bodzioch today to get yourself setup to meet with us for a Rocky Hill extractions. The sooner you get it taken care of, the less complications you’ll have down the road. So don’t wait any longer.

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