Rocky Hill sleep apnea treatment

Rocky Hill Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for good health. People should feel well-rested after a good night’s sleep; however, this is not the situation for sleep apnea patients. Patients with sleep apnea feel exhausted even after sleeping for a long time. Sleep apnea is a very serious disorder that requires Rocky Hill sleep apnea treatment.

If you have sleep apnea symptoms or have been recently diagnosed with it, you should see a Rocky Hill sleep apnea treatment expert like our dentists at Michael Gabor DMD and Gail Bodzioch DMD. It’s very important to get treated as soon as possible. Sleep apnea is a very serious condition. The sleep apnea patient stops breathing for short periods while sleeping. Sleep apnea negatively impacts the patient’s quality of life and has some very troublesome symptoms which include: the cessation of breathing for short intervals while sleeping, choking or gasping for air in the middle of the night, loud snoring and fatigue; even after sleeping the entire night. For qualified patients, the oral appliance a dentist who specializes in sleep medicine like ours can help. The appliance works by keeping the airway open while the patients are sleeping, allowing them to breathe throughout the night when they’re sleeping. This alleviates their symptoms and they usually wake up feeling much more well-rested as opposed to before treatment. We recommend that you come in for a consultation with one of our sleep apnea experts to discuss see if an oral appliance would be the appropriate treatment for you. You’ll be in excellent hands with our dentists. Michael Gabor DMD and Gail Bodzioch DMD are highly-skilled, experienced professionals who truly care about you.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rocky Hill sleep apnea treatment, you should consult with our dentist. Contact our office to set up your appointment today.

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